Turn your wedding into an experience: delight the senses with a multisensory event

Turn your wedding into an experience delight the senses with a multisensory event

A multisensory wedding is a unique experience to be shared as it has the ability to stimulate and capture each of the five senses.

Take inspiration from these tips to engage your guests on a sensory and emotional level. This way you will create vivid memories that will be impressed on everyone’s hearts for a long time.

  We all know that memories are stored easier by the brain if the surrounding environment activates our five senses. Colors, scents, sounds, tastes and textures become vehicles for different sensations and perceptions. A sensory wedding is therefore an incredible way of activating mental connections, allowing all participants to experience intense emotions at many different levels. This way the newlyweds and all their guests will be engaged in a special experience that will remain vivid in everyone’s mind. Here are some creative ideas for a dynamic wedding focused on awakening the senses:
  • Touch
The sense of touch begins from the moment your guests open your wedding invitation. To create a truly unique experience, choose to deliver it in a box rather than an envelope. According to your wedding theme, decorate your box with details in ecru canvas, rough and rustic, or in a luxurious material like velvet. For the invitation you can indulge your imagination and use different types of materials such as pressed flower paper, thick parchment or metallic foils. In regard to your special outfit, you can play with a textural wedding dress, creating a memorable design with lace, sparkles, or detailed raised embroidery that will stand out in your guests’ minds as well as your photos. For the reception, select tactile tablecloths and runners in linen, velvet, or raw silk to offer a sensory experience even while guests are seated. Don’t forget to include furnishing with vintage and eclectic patterns, as well as cushions and blankets to add even more texture to your seating. Cleverly combined textures, fabrics and pairings will surprise everyone so much that they won’t be able to refrain from touching.
  • Taste
Start involving your guests from the moment they arrive at the wedding venue. Organize a welcome drink station where with a variety of mocktails and drinks with different tastes along with delicious appetizers. At the wedding reception, propose sought after menus that combine different, original flavors recalling the area where you hold the wedding. Don’t forget to add some spicy notes, which introduce an unexpected and sparkling effect. Don’t forget to pair dishes with particular red and white wines or other local drinks to be served at dinner. Lastly, enrich your guests’ sensorial journey with blind tastings. Opt for chocolate, coffee or honey tastings, leading to the discovery of aromas and unusual flavors.
  • Sound
Music is a powerful tool that can influence both energy and mood. Think about the emotions you wish to convey and pick tunes that will create the desired mood at the different moments of your wedding. Opt for romantic songs during the ceremony, lively music for the aperitif and joyful, energetic melodies for the highlight of the party. To actively engage your guests’ musical ear, arrange a vinyl record station at the cocktail hour, where your guests can select the songs to be played “jukebox style”.
  • Scent
The sense of smell is key to the creation of vivid memories, so the inclusion of distinctive aromas in your special day ensures that it will be truly unforgettable. You can create a signature scent dedicated to your special day and spray down this unmistakable blend on your gown as well as in the different areas of the wedding venue. Alternatively, you can light scented candles and place them all around to enrich the olfactory experience of your guests. Finally, decorate the reception tables with pots of fragrant herbs or fresh flowers such as roses, gardenias and hyacinth.  
  • Sight
When designing a wedding, the choice of the right color palette is definitely a huge part of the visual scheme. The important thing is to establish a stunning panache thanks to the use of shades that match your taste and suit the venue and its seasonal surroundings. For spring and summer weddings, for example, opt for watermelon pink, peach blush and mint green, fresh and romantic colors without being overpowering. For autumn and winter events select bold, warm hues like burnt orange, marigold yellow and moss green. Apply these color arrangements to all the aspects of your wedding, from the detailed decorations to flowers and food. Also take advantage of the features and layout of the charming location, which will be the main backdrop to your big day. Flower and lighting decorations are key in the creation of the right, magic ambience, ensuring that your multisensory wedding will be remembered long after the celebration.   Find original solutions and custom touches that will allow your guests to connect with you and with one another. This way you you’ll surely turn your multisensory wedding into an unmatched experience and create everlasting memories.
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