Magical, mystical weddings: an eclectic choice waiting to be discovered

Magical, mystical weddings an eclectic choice waiting to be discovered

Are you ready for something different from the typical wedding scenery?

If you are a modern couple who wishes to amaze with an unusual and eclectic theme, add a mystic feeling to your wedding day.

  There are many ways to create an alternative atmosphere and include elements of mysticism to your special day. Firstly, choose a color palette according to the wedding style. Opt for a dark and moody palette enhanced by the use of glittering, starlike lighting or adopt a bright and vibrant nuance that will bring positive vibes to your wedding day. Combined with the range of colors, you can also add different peculiar elements, for example linked to the European concept of Cabinet of Curiosities. This inspiration makes reference to small, personal collections of unusual objects from science, botany, geology and anthropology that capture the mystery and beauty of the natural world. Stones, plants, shells, fossils, nests and vintage prints create the backdrop for a unique environment full of curiosity and wonder. Play with a mix of vintage objects, celestial details related to astrology and eclectic, romantic details such as crystals or candles, and select from a variety of shapes and textures. Below you can find some original inspirations to add magic touches to your wedding:  
  • Wedding Jewelry
A magic touch can be added even before the wedding, starting from the engagement. Instead of traditional diamonds as engagement jewels, select emeralds. These precious gems represent the heart chakra and promote love.    
  • Stationery Suite
 Be inspired by the surrounding nature and choose vintage botanic illustrations matched with clean fonts and black envelopes for a modern and fine layout. Another option is the use of a mystical lunar motif linked to astrology with a color palette that recalls the starry night sky.    
  • Bachelorette and Bachelor parties
In place of conventional pre-wedding parties, think about rituals dedicated to relaxation to do with your close friends. For example, organize a yoga class to cleanse the chakras and send good energy vibes to all the participants. Together you can also create personalized healing bundles using incense, sage, meaningful crystals and herbs..    
  • Magical Ceremony
Opt for a swirling blue and gold hued, galaxy-based backdrop or a breathtaking moon installation. If you would like a flower arch, choose an original shape, such as a crescent moon or a full circle. If you are a couple who also desires an unconventional rite, you can choose a shaman or another spiritual guide to be your officiant.    
  • Eclectic Wedding Reception
Include magical elements in your mystical reception by using decor-candles, incense, vintage details inspired by the Cabinet of Curiosities, crystals and talismans set all around the wedding venue. As for the table setup, select tablecloths in various shades of blue and purple that recall the starry night sky. Enhance the magical atmosphere by adding string lights and celestial charms hanging from your venue’s ceiling to mimic the constellations.
  • Get the Guests Involved
Get your friends and family engaged in activities during the aperitif. Hire a tarot card reader, a hand-palm reader or a revered astrologer to give your guests glimpses into their future. Instead of a traditional guest book, you can set up an astronomy-centric canvas painted with the constellations where your guests can sign. Another creative idea is to prepare some Wishing Bowls. The basic concept is to give your guests the opportunity to write personalized notes with their good wishes for the couple’s future, which are then dropped into a bowl or jar.   Take inspiration from these creative ideas and unleash your imagination to give rise to an original wedding full of magic and mystic elements.        
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