Tips for your winter wedding in Spain

Tips for your winter wedding in Spain

Do you know anything more fascinating and magical than a winter wedding?

A winter wedding gives you the opportunity to celebrate tradition with a modern touch, indulging your imagination in the choice of the perfect venue and decors.

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for destination weddings in Spain, however winter celebrations have increased considerably, for a variety of reasons.

Think about the magical atmosphere of traditions and holidays that surrounds the wintertime, especially close to Christmas, and the fairytale backdrop created by the snowy landscapes.

Besides the beautiful scenery, this time of the year also offers countless sports activities as well as a cool climate for people who cannot stand the heat.

With regards to the style of your winter wedding, you can opt for an elegant and glamorous vibe or for more rustic fittings. For the first option, select white and gold compositions combined with a powerful lighting of candelabra, lanterns and fairy lights. For a rustic style, use natural elements such as pine needles, pinecones and moss together with warm colors typical of the holidays. This way you will add rustic touches to your special day and create an authentic alpine atmosphere.

The first step in the creation of your dream wedding is the selection of the perfect location.

From North to South, Spain offers countless stunning places to suit every taste. Here are some ideal areas for your winter wedding:

  • Sierra Nevada

This breathtaking mountain range is located in Andalusia, between the provinces of Granada and Almería. Since 1996 this Spanish area has been declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO and boasts a national park with an area of 85.883 hectares.

The stunning natural scenery made of snow-covered grassy hills, picturesque peaks and scenic views in every direction is the ideal canvas to design your unique destination wedding.

In this mountainous area you can find a wide range of different venues.

Opt for a wooden cabin or a charming Andalusian manor house characterized by a rustic style, with typical courtyards, wooden floors and beams. These options are the perfect choice for a romantic wedding in a family atmosphere, in areas far from the hustle and bustle.

For a more refined solution, you can choose a luxury lodge or a hotel located in residential areas. From wellness centers to starred restaurants, these venues offer every comfort so you can enjoy the days of your wedding in total relaxation.

Winter sports lovers will have the opportunity to spend time on the slopes. Sierra Nevada is in fact home to the southernmost ski resort in Europe and to the highest mountain in Spain, Mount Mulhacen, located over 3.000 meters above sea level.

In addition to more than 100 ski and snowboard slopes suitable for all levels, here it is also possible practice cross-country skiing, sleigh tours and ice skating. There’s truly an activity for every taste and all your guests will enjoy themselves in the snow.

  • Picos De Europa

This is a mountain range located along the northern coast of Spain, between the autonomous regions of Asturias, Cantabria and Castile and León.

One of the reasons why international couples choose this area for their destination wedding is because it is little touristy. Here you can get in touch with the unspoilt nature and make surprise by breathtaking landscapes and authentic settings.

There are plenty of charming places to hold your special day in Picos De Europa.

For nature lovers, the Parque Nacional Picos de Europa, rich in natural, scenic and cultural wonders, can be the perfect backdrop for your magical mountain wedding.

If instead you’d like to get married in a characteristic church, opt for the Basilica de Santa María la Real de Covadonga or the Santa Cueva de Covadonga. The first one is a huge neo-Romanesque church made entirely of pink limestone. The second is a tiny sanctuary built into a cave, home to the tomb of King Don Pelayo that in the VIII century won the first victory of Christians over the Muslim Moors.

Romantic couples wishing to hold their winter wedding in a venue rich in history and tradition will be fascinated by a place like Parador Cangas de Onís, a former Benedictine monastery located in the heart of Asturias. It offers many versatile, bright spaces thanks to the large windows and to the spectacular glass dome that allows you to see the surrounding natural landscape.

If you are looking for an unforgettable and unique experience in the snow for the days of your wedding, also consider Las Mugas.

It is a hotel in Formigal-Panticosa, in the heart of the Pyrenees. Here, at an altitude of 1.800 meters, you will have the opportunity to sleep in an igloo.

Overall, there are seven domes in the middle of the mountain. Six of these are used as luxury rooms furnished with Nordic design items and the last one, the largest igloo, is the base camp of the complex.

The days around your wedding you can enjoy a real adventure walking with snowshoes, relaxing in the silence of the mountain and sleeping under the starry sky. You and your guests will be immersed in maximum comfort and will taste the products of the traditional cuisine of the Tena Valley reinvented with a modern touch.

If you are thinking about holding your special day in Spain during the winter months, surely you will not be disappointed.

Choose the Spanish area that best suits your dream wedding style. Spain offers countless stunning places to plan a magical winter event.

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