Music Makes Magical Memories To Light Up Your Wedding.

Music Makes Magical Memories To Light Up Your Wedding

One of the most iconic and magical parts of your wedding day is the first dance. And what does every good first dance need?


Many people say that music makes the world go round and in the case of your wedding day this is definitely the case. Music brings out different emotions, certain joy and some questionable dance moves.

From the very first moment when you walk down the aisle, a string quartet is playing or a classical pianist or a beautiful singer is singing your favourite song. You are transcended into a fairy-tale-like world where all your cares from the outside world have disappeared. 

Let’s face it everybody loves aperitif’s and drinks receptions. But having an acoustic duo, trio or band to accompany this can make it that even more enjoyable. Whether you want an interactive band or something more subtle, it’s the perfect point for your guests to converse and maybe even sing with friends and family that they haven’t seen for a while. 

Chilled out piano music while you’re eating, I’ve often thought, is the perfect accompaniment to your culinary experience. It reminds me of an old fashioned jazz club where people would wine and dine while being entertained by a piano player. 

Now onto one of the most anticipated parts of any wedding day… the first dance. In my opinion live music is the way to go for this special moment, as it makes the occasion more personal, more distinctive, more unique. But if you specifically want your favourite singer or band to perform the song, a DJ can definitely your favourite tune.

Time for everybody to dance! This is the point in the wedding day where you forget what’s happening in the outside world and in the words of Eminem, “loose yourself in the music.” Bands, DJ’s and singers are timeless forms of evening entertainment but why not think a little left field and hire an interactive brass band or a roaming acoustic band that join in the party on the dance floor with your guests. 

Everybody is there to have fun and any form of musical entertainment, whatever your preference, will not only make your evening party enjoyable but it will make your wedding day unforgettable.

Music Makes Magical Memories

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