Bold colors: be inspired by Spanish shades for your wedding

Bold colors be inspired by Spanish shades for your wedding

Choosing the wedding color palette will be one of your first tasks when planning your special day.

Say goodbye to white and pastel hues, pale and neutral.

The new trend is to use bright and bold tones, a mix of textures
and saturated colors.

The first step in choosing your wedding color theme is to get in touch with your personal style, understanding the tones that suit you best and the color combinations that will enhance your special day. Once you have decided the wedding color palette, you can start working on flowers, decorations and the overall design of the event.

Unleash your imagination and creativity! Do not be afraid to dare with fresh and bold colors that will strengthen the visual impact of your wedding.

When it comes to visual impact, what’s better than drawing inspiration from one of the brightest and most colorful countries? We are talking about Spain of course. Its energy, joy and traditions, from music to art, are also reflected in the colors of this land.

From Seville to Malaga, from Barcelona to Valencia, Spanish cities are characterized by a marked use of colors, which add a special touch to their charming buildings and narrow alleys.

Flowers are, above all else, what makes the atmosphere in this country so special. Characterized by low water content, they can keep their vivid and bold colors for a long time. This peculiarity is very useful in a wedding. For example, you can include some flowers in the wedding favors for your guests. As they dry out, these flowers will retain their natural and original beauty.

Another source of inspiration is the wide range of bright colors that characterize Spanish dance traditions, and especially those of flamenco dancers. With their voluminous and colorful clothes, hair pulled back with flower clips of strong tones and flashy earrings, flamenco bailaoras are a glaring example of how Spanish traditions and culture are linked to colors.

Be inspired by this cultural panorama to include touches of color in every aspect of your wedding. Multicolored rice, petals or soap bubbles can be used to celebrate the bridal couple at the altar. At the reception, balloons, garlands and colorful lanterns will make the environment more dynamic and create a strong visual impact.

Even the look of the spouses can follow this line. Let the groom wear a colorful bow tie, socks or suspenders matching the theme of the wedding. You can bring color to your look with shoes, jewels and hairstyle details.

Gone are the days of basic color palettes. Choose bright and rich tones that will enhance the luxurious wedding atmosphere. Combine patterns and textures to give an original look to your setting. Pick iridescent fabrics and vibrant shades, such as deep red, warm pink, mustard yellow, emerald green, cerulean blue and even orange.

Colors generate positive feelings and moods. Their use, combined with pompous dresses and original decorations, will bring joy and vitality to your wedding!

So, don’t hesitate to use a bright color palette that will make your big day truly unique.

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