Spanish mantilla style wedding veil

Spanish mantilla style wedding veil

Even today the veil maintains a symbolic meaning
linked to traditions and remains one of the most
romantic, elegant wedding accessories.

If you wish to amaze your husband-to-be and your guests by adding a unique touch to your bridal look, opt for a refined mantilla of Spanish origin.

From creative textures to various lengths, you will find an endless range of options to choose from: you can opt for a short and fresh valletta veil in 1920’s style, a shawl veil down to the waist that highlights low-cut dresses, or a long and sumptuous cathedral veil.

An original choice which is perfect for a bridal romantic look is the Spanish mantilla. It is a sophisticated veil characterized by a thick lace trim along the edge and intricate, precious embellishments cascading down the front, framing the bride’s face.

The rich edging makes the veil an important and elegant accessory, and at the same time very practical, especially for religious ceremonies. Resting on the shoulders, this veil also works as shawl during church service.

Read on below, you can delve into the history and distinctive features of this type of veil suitable for all brides:

The origins of the mantilla

This type of bridal accessory comes from the word manta, meaning cape. In Spanish and Latin culture, it was tradition to wear black and white lace head pieces that also covered the shoulders to attend the mass and other official events (black veils were worn by married or widowed women, while white veils by unmarried women).

This ancient custom spread among the women of the pueblo and then extended to the aristocracy ranks thanks to Queen Isabella II. She made it an iconic accessory that is still handed down from generation to generation and is chosen by brides all over the world.

The veil’s features

The mantilla is usually characterized by a considerable length and an elaborate lace edging that follows different styles and textures.

It leans directly on the bride’s head and is pinned on the hairstyle with a small hidden clothespin or a sparkling peineta (a toothed comb) that will provide an additional decorative touch once the veil is removed.

This sophisticated accessory is suitable for different types of hairstyles and is particularly indicated for loose or semi-collected wedding hairdo.

Fabric and color of the mantilla

This special veil is available in a variety of colors and fabrics such as tulle, silk and lace. It is therefore important to choose the right combinations based on the tone and style of the wedding dress.

If you’d like an original piece from the Spanish tradition, you can opt for local vendors and ateliers that offer handmade lace veils with quality European materials.

While the classic veils are mostly an additional element of the bridal look, the mantillas are rich in history, tradition and can add a truly unique touch to your wedding attire.

A mantilla is the perfect option for romantic brides who choose simplicity and elegance, for those who wish to honor their cultural heritage, and for brides who plan a destination wedding in Spain or in a Latin America and want to incorporate local traditions.

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