One of the growing trends related to your special day is to offer original and innovative drinks during the cocktail hour, the wedding reception and the after dinner.

From the design of the bar counter to the variety of cocktails served, you will impress your guests with a fun and interactive experience.

You can opt for the classic open bar with traditional cocktails and champagne towers or unleash your creativity by selecting more daring options.

For example, how about including a themed bar for your wedding? Take a look at these trendy ideas and inspirations for an innovative and stylish wedding bar.

  • Caravan Bar

A rising trend of these years is the mobile bar. Think of a superbly restored 1960’s caravan with draught artisanal beers, a wine chiller and personalized cocktails, all served by a friendly and experienced bartender.

Whichever style you choose, caravan bars are a fun addition to any wedding. They also represent a unique décor element, creating an opportunity for cool shots.

  • Specialty Drinks

To really impress your guests, have your bartender create a signature drink just for your wedding.

Break the mold by adding something new and original inspired by your personality and taste: choose names and ingredients that remind you of specific destinations or special moments that you have lived together with your better half.

  • Mixology bar experience

Put a unique touch on drinks by selecting a bartender skilled in mixology. This method of preparation will give a fresh and sophisticated twist to your wedding.

You can combine elements of different nature and consistency, balancing flavors and ingredients to make original drinks.

Mix plant extracts and spices together with wines and distillates. Experiment with tropical fruits such as grapefruit, guava, watermelon or pulp and juices to give a refreshing taste to your summer cocktails. Add an earthy or citrus twist with an infusion of basil leaves, lime or ginger.

Finally, garnish your goblets with seasonal sliced fruits and berries or fragrant herbs like rosemary, lavender and edible petals to add a touch of elegance and color.

  • DIY drink stations

Make your own setups are an interactive way to have fun by creating your own drink.

Let your guests play bartender with a create-your-own Mimosa or Gin & Tonic experience, including creative elements such as fresh fruit garnishes and different types of juices.

To create a truly unique experience, you can follow a specific theme based on your taste and wedding atmosphere.

Do you and your fiancé geek out over craft beers? Turn your cocktail hour into a beer tasting experience. Would you like to add a Spanish touch to your wedding? Opt for a sangria bar.  You can also create a whisky tasting corner, accompanied by Cuban cigars.

Remember to include non-alcoholic options as well, with fun and appealing choices. Opt for a fruity water infusion, a refreshing iced tea or a sweet lemonade bar. Start with drink dispensers filled with the regular varieties, then let your guests customize their glass with flavored syrups like honey-basil and peach-thyme.

For couples with a real sweet tooth, and especially for winter weddings, include a hot chocolate bar. Add delicious toppings such as marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, chocolate shavings, candy canes and whipped cream.

Surprise your guests with a fun and original open bar.
It will help to get the party going and engage them in a memorable, unique way.

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