Autumn: the perfect season for your special wedding

Autumn the perfect season for your special wedding

Who said that the best month to get married is summer?

Even autumn with its vibrant color palette, its eye-catching natural decorations and its romantic atmosphere can be the perfect season for your wedding.

What makes autumn so special? Getting married in this season means living in symbiosis with the surrounding nature and its colorful background, which creates an enchanting atmosphere.

The vibrant colors of the foliage, the abundance of seasonal products to use for fresh wedding menus, the sunny and still not too cold days, the outdoor fire pits, fireworks and sparklers are just few of the bright sides of this season.

Here are some ideas to include in your dream autumn wedding:

  • Choose carefully the perfect location

Seek out a rustic venue to create the magical and cozy fall atmosphere. A farmhouse in the countryside, a wooden barn, an ancient castle or a glass greenhouse framed by woodland are all ideal options.

Unleash your imagination to enrich the wedding venue with decorations, creating a fil rouge between the autumn season and the style you have chosen for your special day.

Pumpkins, dried leaves, apples, grape bunches, candles and pinecones can be found everywhere. Then, add some touches of light, lanterns or romantic tealights to create a truly unique atmosphere.

Another idea is to use ears of wheat as décor as well as hay bales. The latter, covered by a delicate cloth or thin pillow, make a trendy and rustic seating for the ceremony or relax area.

  • Bouquet and accessories with autumn flowers

Choose seasonal flowers for your wedding decorations. You have an endless range of choices: foxgloves, antique roses, dried ferns, astilbe, ranunculus and eucalyptus are ideal are ideal for peach and brown toned autumn bouquets. For deep red you can use anemones, tulips, carnations, Japanese maple leaves, dahlias and red berries.

Don’t be afraid to go for bright and vibrant colors to spark up your wedding palette. In your bouquet mix up fresh flowers with dried ones, small and medium-sized elements, surrounded by large orange and reddish leaves. You can also incorporate feathers, adding texture to the composition.

Don’t limit yourself to the bouquet, enrich also your clothes and hair with inflorescences of the season. Add flower beads with berries, buds and fresh flowers to your look, replace groom’s buttonholes or pocket squares with autumnal flower alternatives.

  • Tableau de marriage, table centerpieces and placeholders

Decorate the area of the tableau de marriage with original rustic elements, such as doors or windows, typewriters and luggage trunks, adorned with flowers and fruits. As for the tableau itself, opt for a wood board carved with the guest names.

As for centerpieces and stationery you can choose from many original solutions. Pears, mini squashes, apples, pomegranates or large fallen leaves are fabulous for writing table numbers. Make bundles of dried herbs and flowers with velvet ribbon and add a name tag. Use rustic log slices or tree stumps as stands and add pinecones, pillar candles and spread chestnuts in their shells to create special decorations.

Complete the setup with velvet, flax, jute or wool runners and a mix of dried and fresh fruit such as figs, plums, physalis, pomegranates, dried orange slices and dried apricots.

  • Autumn menu and wedding cake

Opt for a wedding menu with many seasonal vegetables and fruits that can highlight the flavors and scents of autumn.

Setup a mulled cider station to keep guests warm or a popcorn station with different flavors like caramel, gingerbread, cinnamon sugar, and even savory ones like cheese or black pepper. You can also add a corner with toffee apples.

For your autumn wedding cake get inspired by the season. Adorn it with fresh berries, fruit and herbs for vibrancy and texture. Blackberries, figs, pears, apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, carrots, pumpkin, caramel, plums, hazelnuts and ginger are the perfect items to decorate a wedding cake.

Add metallic layers, splashes of gold and copper or caramel drips across a white or burnt orange colored cake.

You may even think using something unexpected like replacing the classic wedding cake with a doughnut tower, a cinnamon cupcakes or pumpkin pies.

These are just some of the ideas you could put into your fall wedding to make it truly unique and memorable.

Open your mind to the endless possibilities that a season as rich as autumn can offer.

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