Diamonds are the stone traditionally chosen for wedding bands, but nowadays they are not the only option.

Modern brides-to-be in fact are looking for something a little different, opting for original and unconventional rings that reflect their personal style and love story.

Wedding bands symbolize your everlasting love and commitment to your partner and are a reminder of your special day. Therefore, the selection should guide you to rings that are as special and unique as the relationship they celebrate.

Just keep reading the article to find out 5 original alternatives to the traditional wedding ring characterized by a fresh, simple aesthetic with custom-made finishes.

  • Custom handcrafted rings

These are handcrafted engagement rings and wedding bands with a completely customizable design and made from unconventional and ethically collected wild materials. An example of this type of craftsmanship is Staghead Designs, a brand which makes unique and meaningful pieces in its workshop in Colorado.

The company’s one-of-a-kind collections are inspired by different types of materials and designs with both vintage and modern inspirations. Original materials include rings in rustic antler or wood, turquoise and stone inlays, salt and pepper diamonds and alternative metals including black zirconium, patina copper and tungsten carbide.

One of our bridal couples has indeed chosen this brand for the realization of two marvelous rings in titanium characterized by the presence of a sparkling turquoise band.

  • Ethically sourced rings

The harvesting of diamonds and the mining of precious metals is often damaging to the environment and known to fuel conflict. That is why socially conscious couples are looking for ethically sourced wedding bands, ensuring that one of the greatest moments of their life can also be a small step towards a better world.

More and more jewelry companies offer a range of stunning and affordable options using recycled or fair-trade gold, as well as vintage and conflict-free diamonds and jewels. Many of these brands are also green-certified and work with local communities to create environmental projects.

  • Vintage and heirloom rings

Another option is to select an antique ring from romantic eras of the past.

It is a way to purchase sustainably, repurposing timeless treasures found in vintage stores or flea markets. Vintage rings belonging to the bride or groom’s family are particularly significant as they tie the marriage to the family history.

As timeless jewels, these types of wedding bands from non-traditional design, intricate details and a classic look, offer brides a precious heirloom that can’t be found anywhere else.

  • Silicone rings

A new alternative to the studded metal rings, often heavy and a bit uncomfortable, are silicone wedding bands. They are an inventive combination of style, safety and comfort for all ways of life, especially for people who often do sports and have an active lifestyle.

They’re durable, flexible and soft, and still retain their shape when put under pressure or placed underwater. With silicone rings you can enjoy your hobbies, travel and practice the most extreme sports keeping your ring on wherever life takes you.

In addition to the simple, sleek models that look good on everyone, you can select between different options available, from classic shapes to more exotic versions with eclectic finishes.

A further benefit of this type of ring is that the excellent material’s quality is combined with a great price, affordable without the need for a high investment.

  • Hammered rings

These wedding bands feature a stylish hammered finishing which gives them a one-of-a-kind, rugged look.

This type of jewelry is particularly fitting for men, giving grooms the opportunity to indulge in the choice of custom details of their wedding band. Hammered rings, indeed, come in a wide variety of designs and natural, organic metals including Damascus steel, gold, cobalt chrome, titanium and black zirconium.

It is worth choosing special and unique wedding rings like your love relationship. This way, you will have the opportunity to add a personal touch to design and, likewise, make an environmentally conscious choice.

You have an endless range available of both styles and materials, coming from ethical sources, that will embellish your wedding band with truly unique colors, patterns and features.

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