Engagement Photo Sessions: an opportunity to show your personality

Engagement Photo Sessions an opportunity to show your personality

Taking engagement photos is a long-standing tradition.

This unique experience allows you to create everlasting moments in a carefree, relaxed atmosphere, and gives you the chance to work
with your photographer before the big day.

In this blog you will find some creative tips on
how to make a personal, unique photo shoot.

For starters, what is an engagement session?

It is a portrait session of you and your better half taken before your wedding. Most couples plan for a photo shoot to fulfill a specific purpose. You can for example use these creative shots to add a personal touch to your Save The Date cards or your wedding website. Sometimes it’s just a romantic way to create a memory of your sweet engagement period.

Indulge your imagination and select a shooting style that best represents you and your relationship. The engagement session is a fun and carefree experience that can help you feel more comfortable in front of the lens, in anticipation of your big day.

In addition to the opportunity to strike all sorts of flattering poses, this experience allows you to kick off one of the most significant wedding-vendor relationships. In fact, on this occasion you will get to know your photographer, understand their working style and, above all, get comfortable and relaxed during the photo shooting.

Here are some tips to follow for your unique engagement session:

  • Choose the location carefully

The first thing to do is choose the perfect location. Opt for a place that is meaningful to you, this way your pictures will be more personal and significant to you.

You can select a place where you and your significant other like to go regularly, or a particularly meaningful spot, such as where you first met or had your first kiss.

An original and trendy idea is to take a trip and arrange the engagement photo session during your holiday. Choose the perfect destination from the list of places you always wanted to visit. The most popular destinations are those with lush outdoor spaces surrounded by greenery, with breathtaking landscapes and historical buildings.

  • Time of the day for the photo shooting

Any moment of the day can be the perfect background to an amazing engagement session.

For example, the so-called golden hour is characterized by a mesmerizing, romantic light. The yellow, red and pink hues of the sunset will give your pictures an intimate fairytale nuance.

If you’d like to have the starry sky as backdrop, choose a night-time photo shooting in a spot far from the city. As alternative, take advantage of the urban context surrounding yourself with the magical, bright city lights.

For an even more original experience, opt for unusual weather conditions. Let your photographer film you under the rain, on a snowy day, or when the wind blows, with your dress and hair flowing freely.

  • What to wear

There is no dress code to follow for your engagement session. From soft and pastel colors to stronger and bold nuances, choose the outfits that better express your personal style.

The only thing to pay attention to is the matching of your colors with those worn by your partner. Select colors that complement each other to get a harmonious palette for your shoot.

  • Take genuine and natural photos

In order to truly enjoy your photo session and have the best pictures, all you need to do is just to be yourself. You do not need forced, constructed poses. Simple gestures like holding hands, looking at your partner in the eye or giving him/her a gentle kiss will create memorable shootings centered on your love for each other.

A good way to give an original, personal touch to your photos is to include fun props or meaningful objects linked to your relationships, like your dearest book or the concert tickets of your favorite band.

Lastly, let’s not forget about family members and pets! Pictures together with your children and furry animals will complement the photo shooting.

Think of the engagement shooting as a time to have fun with your partner while creating meaningful memories together.

Head to your favorite place or dream destination to live this experience with your significant other. Let your hair down and enjoy a series of unique moments that are worth creating and capturing.

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